Osteopath, physiotherapist, or chiropractor; which one to choose?

Let’s say... you’ve got a condition or an injury and you’re trying to figure out what’s the best way to approach it. You found out there’s a world of confusion on osteo’s, physio’s, chiro’s… arguing about how it should be done.

Spoiler alert! There’s no real cutting answer to this question. Pain management and rehabilitation are complex topics and the answer will depend on the perspective of who you will be speaking with.

Generally, Osteopaths pride themselves in taking in the entire anatomical, physiological and psychological context into account, and being hands-on. From head to toe, they have a wide range of techniques including soft-tissue techniques, joint mobilisations and manipulations (when they make your joint click). Chiropractors are more popular for their manipulation techniques or spinal manipulations. They tend to address musculoskeletal conditions through influencing the spine and can use other soft-tissue treatments too. Physiotherapists have strong ties to rehabilitation and exercise. They can also use manual treatments as adjuncts to exercise prescription.

The 3 disciplines initially differ in their philosophy, assessment, treatment style and advice. However, we often see that many osteo’s treat like physio’s, chiros treat like osteo’s, and all the other combinations. You got it! it’s not important to stress on which one to see. The important bit is to find someone who will listen, empathise, and work with you to improve your situation. Choose someone who will help you play a greater role in your recovery by personalised planning to address the main cause of your complaints.

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