Dealing with pregnancy pains and aches

Pregnancy can be the most wonderful time of your life but also the toughest. No guilt on anyone who doesn't particularly enjoy pregnancy. Over the course of 9 months, the female body undergoes major physical and hormonal changes that affect how your whole body functions.

As the baby grows, your posture will adapt and your center of gravity shifts forward. In preparation to welcome the baby, the female body starts producing a hormone called Relaxin which increases the elasticity of your ligaments during pregnancy. Your ligaments, muscles and joints adjust and stretch to accommodate these changes. Some adapt easily to pregnancy, and others find it a little bit harder, and need a bit of a helping hand!!

If you are experiencing pain in pregnancy,

- back pain

- rib pain

- pelvic pain

- sciatica

- Leg and foot pain

- headaches

!! Find the cause !!

We treat every pregnant woman completely individually. BECAUSE..... Everyone's pain comes from a slightly different reason, cause, complex mix of past injuries, surgeries, gynae issues, falls, bumps, previous pregnancies and births... And a whole load of other stuff besides.

So when you come in for your first pregnancy osteopathy appointment we will ask you tons of questions. Finding out ALL ABOUT YOU, and your story, your "life's work"... Because this information is imperative to finding out why you have pain. The answer is always in there somewhere!

What makes you get PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) and not that woman over there. We find that out by investigating, playing detective.

So let us get to the root cause of your issues. It's our favourite thing to do. Helping you with an individualised treatment and exercise plan to reduce pain and help you get through your pregnancy more comfortably. In fact, research suggests that osteopathic care during pregnancy may lead to improved outcomes in labour and delivery.

… A few months/weeks later, BABY’S HERE !!! *celebration* But what happens next? This is when the postpartum recovery period starts. If you’d like to know more, keep an eye out on the next posts.

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